What is APAC?

Home Town Community Services has partnered with Futurewise to create the Algona/Auburn Public Awareness Coalition (APAC). The coalition’s goal is to work with the community and for the community related to the groundwater pollution, more commonly referred to as the “plume”.

Past practices at the Boeing Auburn Fabrication Site have resulted in the release of chlorinated solvents (primarily a commonly used degreasing solvent called trichloroethene or TCE) into the groundwater from 1960 to about 1990. Since the time of the chemical spill the groundwater contamination has slowly spread in a northwest direction and a portion of the groundwater in the northeast corner of Algona and a part of neighboring Auburn has been affected by this release.

APAC works to help residents interpret data, the scope of what any impacts might mean for them, helps residents engage in the public participation process for the investigation, sponsors community events and provides assistance in understanding issues. In addition, APAC will work with community members to help them convey their opinions to Ecology.