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Pilot Study in Commercial Algona

The Boeing Company has started work on a bioremediation pilot study in commercial Algona. Landau Associates, Boeing’s contractor installed 5 injection wells on private property on Milwaukee Ave which have been used to inject LactOil, a non-toxic, food grade combination of corn-derived ethyl lactate and soy oil, into the groundwater. This type of bioremediation stimulates the growth of certain microbes that consume contaminants, such as TCE, turning them into small amounts of water and harmless gases. Groundwater will be monitored to determine if this method works to reduce contamination levels on the site. The results of the pilot study will be used in the Feasibility Study to select an effective cleanup option.

For more information on the pilot study take a look at our Pilot Study Factsheet.

Puede encontrar información acerca el estudio piloto de biorremedación en Algona en español aquí.

The WA State Department of Ecology also has a blog post and update on their website about the study.

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Did you miss the APAC Community Forum? 

If you missed the APAC Community Forum on Groundwater and the Algona Plume and want to know more about the information presented at the event you can now watch videos of the presentations on our site! Videos of  the presentations given by Dr. Peter deFur, Neal Hines with the WA State Department of Ecology and Rhonda Kaetzel with Public Health – Seattle & King County, as well as the Q&A session have been made available for the community.



March 2015 Drilling in Algona

Have you seen Landau around Algona lately?

  • Landau was collecting seasonal, first quarter samples from existing groundwater monitoring wells during the first week of March.
  • From March 16 – 20, Landau will be drilling in the northeast commercial area of Algona and into the bordering area of Auburn, south of the Outlet Collection. You may see Landau vehicles along Milwaukee Avenue N, O Street SW and 15th Street SW. There will be flaggers and traffic control signs during temporary lane closures in that area. This work is being done to collect samples of soil-air and groundwater.
  • There will also be drilling to install new groundwater and water table monitoring wells in Algona from March 23 – 27. There will be a total of 6 well locations in northeast residential and commercial Algona. Landau will be collecting samples from those wells in early April.

For locations of the upcoming drilling in Algona see map below.

Algona Drilling Map - March

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