Tree Planting

On Saturday March 10th, APAC and Algona residents came together to plant 22 pacific dogwood trees in Matchett Park. Pacific Dogwood trees are a particular species that love getting their feet wet. As such, they are the appropriate species to plant in an area such as Algona.

Why Trees?

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has found that:

Trees reduce stormwater runoff – trees intercept, store and use rainfall. This means less stormwater runoff enters local streams, creeks, rivers and Puget Sound, which can improve salmon habitat recovery!

Trees can reduce cooling and heating costs – when properly placed, trees can provide shade in the summer and block winter wind, reducing your home’s energy costs.

Trees improve air quality ­– By reducing the amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and gaseous air pollutants, trees help provide cleaner air in urban areas.

Trees increase economic stability – Communities with greater tree canopy attract more businesses and can see an increase in home values.

Trees improve quality of life – Communities with access to green space and greater tree canopy experience reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and crime.